Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holiday weekend

                                                                 My lifesaver cake.

 This is the view from my sick bed......

I have been working on nursing myself back to the living since my last post. My chronic illness and my many allergies have taken over.
I have been relying on a lot of raw foods prepared and purchased from various places around town.
I am happy to be on the road back and able to prepare some food for myself again.

Part of this weeks haul:
I usually go through four or five baby watermelons, two apples a day, 2 more bunches of bananas and loads more greens for the week depending on how much juicing I do and green smoothies I have.

I also picked up a fresh mint slice of cake. This week it really saved me. Having a bite to look forward to was my lifesaver all week. It inspired me to look for a new cook book for raw sweets. I want Matthew Kinney's Everyday Raw Desserts but it isn't set to come out till the fall.

            This cake was so good. I am now looking for where I can find a recipe to make it myself.

This morning I made cucumber soup.

1 1/2 cucumber peeled
4 fresh Basil leaves sliced
15 cherry tomatoes
dehydrated tomatoes
dehydrated sweet onions
1/4 avocado
Corn kernels from one ear of corn.

                                                   I garnished the soup with diced Avocado.

Looks kind of pretty.
I was impressed with my own gumption to make a soup on my own. That was easy, I actually thought as I poured some into my serving bowl.
Please be warned:
Do not try this at home 'cuz it was awful!
I'm not sure what went wrong- I think it was the dehydrated onions; but something made the entire soup bitter, bitter, bitter.
I ended up skimming off the garnish.
Oh well.
(Mishaps like this make me inspired to attend 105 Degrees Academy!)
Next time I will start with a tried and true recipe for cucumber soup and go from there.
I feel rusty in the kitchen after so much time away.

I have been buying my raw onion bread pre-made to save my energy. I use them to make my own pizzas, using different toppings each time.

I have one of these for lunch -

                                                                     Open Face Pizza
 1 slice Rawvolution Onion Bread or your home made raw bread of choice
heavy slathering of eggplant spread
(peel eggplant, slice, mix in bowl with 1 clove garlic pressed through a garlic press and 2 tablespoons olive oil) dehydrate 105 degrees until soft and fully cooked. Cool. Blend in blender until chunky and spreadable)
Dehydrated and sliced Portabello mushrooms
sun dried tomatoes
fresh Arugula
Kalmata Olive Cavair (Ingredients : 8 ounces whole, pitted kalamata olives ,1/2 cup chopped pecans, 4 cloves garlic, peeled, 2 tablespoons olive oil. Directions - In a food processor, blend kalamata olives, pecans, garlic and olive oil. Adjust amount of olive oil as needed to attain a pesto-like consistency.
Heirloom Tomatoes Sliced
To transport. Place Arugula on small square of wax paper, covering surface. Place other desired fresh ingredients. Finish by "icing" with the eggplant spread. Place wet toppings in to go container. Keep raw bread wrapped separate until its time to eat. Place raw bread on top. Flip. Eat.

                                                 This is what I leave the house with every day.
The pizza in in the bottom box. Watermelon steak in the box above. An apple. Coconut curry soup. Blueberry, beet, kale, cherry and almond milk smoothies. The first one of the day always has added fiber (Psyllium) in it.
The baggie holds a watermelon and strawberry mix.

Dinner is most often either another smoothie or a small salad.

Bored and on line-I have been ordering stuff from bed:

These are my June book reading list.
Reviews to follow.

Enjoy the weekend.
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