Tuesday, January 19, 2010

on the go raw

photo from 105 Degrees

This photo has inspired me to get creative with the look of how I store my raw food on the road.
I use glass in my own kitchen but still travel with Rubbermaid sealable boxes.
Gone are the recycled plastic containers I have been using for on the go food transport.
I like to pack what I eat for the day when I know I have to leave the house.
Now I'm on the hunt for great looking glass travel containers.


Antony Heaven said...

They're beautiful bottles, but difficult to clean? Good luck with your hunt though :-)

evergreen said...

If you come across any glass travel containers, I would love you to post about them:)

I have several sizes of stainless steel tiffins, and plain stainless containers for travel, but glass would be so nice!

Lady Q said...

You could always use mason jars. Thats what I do. :)

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