Friday, August 7, 2009

Dinner was great.
Better than great, actually.
The sauce was better than I remember cooked sauce being.
The onions and garlic were soft and beginning to get crunchy four hours after I put them in to dehydrate.
I diced them before I added them to the sauce.
I keep wanting the zucchini to be a little drier as a pasta.
By the time I'd eaten the dish the water from the zucchini had mixed with the sauce so the last few bites were too wet. The gravy lost some of it's lovely chunky texture and the flavor was less intense.
I need to do something different until I get a spiralizer...
My aim is to see how much I can create without buying new equipment.
I need research on how to improve my skills making pasta without a spiralizer.
I wonder if some finely ground nut flower sprinkled over fully drained zucchini noodles would do the trick.
Maybe I will have to dehydrate them a little, then toss them in the nut flower to get the texture I'm thinking of.

Back to the wedding dress...hand sewing cording to the inside of the slip so that the tulle can be bustled during the reception...seems to be taking all day... Dvd's in the background... watching season one of true blood, the shining, full metal jacket and a BBC version of Jane Eyre while sewing.

Living in the Raw Desserts by Rose Lee Calabro- the desserts seem very heavy as I read the ingredients.
It was written in 2007.
Lots of dates and figs.
Raw Desserts in LA seem to be so light right now.
I watched an interview with the chef Rachel at Cru Restaurant on YouTube a while ago.
The chef mentioned her cheesecake being light and fluffy because they add the pulp from juiced apples to create the cool and light taste cheesecake should have. The apple pulp also added to a lighter finished product.

I would have included the link but I can't.
It was in interview part 7 or part 8.
Both parts of the interview have been removed from YouTube.

I have not been to Cru Restaurant.( maybe for my birthday)
I need to figure out how to divide the recipes in the raw books down so I can make one or two servings.
I can spread two servings of dessert over an entire week.
I have been eating raw for almost a year now and desserts seem to be the key for me keeping my energy up when I exercise everyday.

I finally got my hands on The Book of Tarts by Maury Rubin.
I heard about this book before raw.
The desserts look allot like raw desserts look here in LA.
No that's not right...maybe they look like the raw desserts really taste?
...funny, the book was printed in 1995 but the items in the photos look soooooo good. The desserts (not the photos or the style of the book) look so current.

When I get to make them out of ingredients I can eat ...heaven!
It wont be for some time now, but when I'm ready to start making my own desserts (with yields for one or two desserts).- the book of tarts by Mr. Rubin and the Matthew Kenney dessert recipes used in combination should send me on my way.

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Antony Heaven said...

Dinner sounds fabulous.
The finely ground nuts might work well.
I want some dessert - heavy or light

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