Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am working on a custom bridal gown.
I work on the dresses from the body out layer by layer.
This is the underlining.
I always request the bride purchase a bustier style bra.
(this bride didn't- only a pretty strapless bra.)
I've sewn the bra in and made the support needed for the strapless dress I'm making.
I also almost finished the slip.
I want the slip to detach because of the full tulle at the bottom.
tomorrow I will figure out how to put cording up the back of the tulle and somehow keep it invisible.
When I'm working so focused on a project I drink juice.
No cooking.
today's juice:
13 glasses spinach, carrot, watermelon, beet, apple, cucumber juice
I picked up a copy of Living in the raw desserts by Rose Lee Calabro to look through before bed.

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