Wednesday, June 9, 2010

pudding on the fly

                    chia almond coconut pudding ready for a few hours chilling

I am staying with a friend.
She doesn't eat raw and because she is a single girl and eats out a lot, her pantry is empty.
I was surprised how empty.
It seemed barren to my raw eyes.
After days on end of green smoothies for most of my meals my palate is begging for something else.
After searching behind everything I found yellow raisins, sweetened shredded dried coconut, Mexican vanilla and raw almonds.

I have boxed rice milk, chia seeds (sent as a sample with the last book I ordered) and some psyllium powder.

The mixture was chunky and tasty.
I am hoping not soaking the nuts first won't be a problem. I have been reading in some cook books that soaking the nuts in water for a few hours and then blending them will give you a creamy texture.
I actually can't imagine the mixer getting anything smooth- and I didn't want to wait for the nuts to soak.
I could not get her bottle of vanilla open so I didn't add any.
I can't wait for the chia seeds to expand and firm my concoction into puddin'.

I let some cherries defrost on the counter while the mix set.
I went back to my sick bed and enjoyed.
It was really sweet.
I can't wait to try it again with unsweetened coconut, fresh rice milk and more chia seed. I would have to taste test the amount of raisins or use dates instead.


evergreen said...

Hi there! I am just catching up with you and found out you were not feeling well. I will be thinking of you and hoping for a speedy recovery:)

I hope you find this amusing...when I saw the title of this post, I immediately thought "a pudding on the fly" is much better than a "fly on the pudding!"

kevin georgina grayson simon said...

evergreen...thank you for that. It made me laugh. I really needed that.

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