Friday, June 4, 2010

smoothies on a mission

After a recent emergency hospital visit I am working on upping the potassium and iron levels in my body. The First suggestions included pills but they do not work for me and eating beef, mainly organ meats.
In my head it was really funny.
My family had a long conversation with the doctors and my mission is to boost my juices and smoothies until my next visit when I am to be retested.

  This mornings smoothie:
3 organic bananas
2 cups organic blueberries
rice milk to liquefy
chi spices
raw chocolate powder
1 cup frozen organic cherries
1 big bunch organic fresh finely chopped kale (center vein removed)
7 big fresh strawberries

I am increasing the amount of organic I purchase. I have been flip flopping in the store and farmers market thinking ...I'm not dead, maybe there is not that much difference. I was not paying attention really. I was getting sick and sicker as time went by until now. After a  visit to the emergency room a few days ago- back to organic I head.
See if I get better.

I am asking for help.

I was born with Thalassemia Major, a genetic disorder of the blood. I also suffer from severe asthma.
I am allergic to dairy, wheat, salmon, shrimp, soy, peppers of any kind, kidney bean, peanut, lemon and any citrus fruit and coffee. I have many other allergies but I wanted to include the ones I have the most trouble with.
I am open to new information and any suggestions!

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