Monday, June 21, 2010

juicing colors

from left: carrot, cucumber, spinach, apple, beet-plum, and watermelon

I am surprised how the different fruits and veggies created different amounts of juice. The glass of spinach is from an entire bag of spinach, with a few kale leaves thrown in.
I mixed each glass creating complex drinks all day long.
I usually chop all the veggies and fruit and let it juice together giving me a juice that ranges from a red brown to a green brown color.
I tried cutting the juice with some water in a glass. I didn't care for it. I will drink more water between my juices but watered down juice took away all the flavor for me.
I have found my favorite... cucumber, pear, beet, watermelon and spinach.
What is your favorite juice combo?


evergreen said...

Your favorite juice sounds lovely! I love juice and have so many I make, but one favorite is apple, carrot, and lemon with a little ginger.

Antony said...

well i just need to get juicing ... i've got a juicer so there's no excuse! Those colours look fabulous :-)

kevin georgina grayson simon said...

Evergreen, I have yet to add ginger to my juices. (How much do you add, and does it intensify if you keep the juice for later consumption?)
Antony, I bet your juices look as gorgeous as everything else you create !

evergreen said...

Hi again :)

I add about a one inch slice (or a small knob) of ginger per glass. I used a bit less when I first started adding it to my juices. I haven't noticed the flavor intensifying if making it ahead. Hope this helps:)

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