Saturday, June 5, 2010

more kale

I am too weak to juice myself so I bought store packaged.
The wrap is made from kale, a Good Mood Food Crabby Cake, avocado, and cabbage crunch slaw.
I forgot to look at the ingredients before I bought this. I think maybe it was the shock to learn all the fresh prepared raw food to go has been removed from wholefoods.
I didn't have much to choose from and was so relieved to find this in the case I just bought it. I am hoping the lemon and the Bragg's liquid amino's cause little problems. And I will skip the Tahini Dip.
This is my first time having this Crabby Cake or anything from Good Mood Food. I think I will let it rise to room temp when I have the others from the package.
It had a mild flavor and really needed the crunch of the kale because the cake is very soft in texture. I liked it. Three cakes are included and the one I had was plenty filling as I made it. Twenty minuets along and I am feeling very full.
I am looking at the photo right now and it looks like a beef patty in the photo.
How funny.
In person I can see the carrots, bits of onion and other veggies in the very raw looking puck shaped disks as they look in the package. Funny how the photograph transformed it into looking like food I used to eat.
It was easy to put together and quick.
It has been such a long time since I have been this sick. I am not used to having to use so much effort to eat raw before.
This morning I made twice the smoothie and put three times the kale in so I can grab it later for something quick. My energy seems to be fading as the day goes on.
The smoothie tasted better with more kale. And it was a  nice deep purple green color.
This weekend is for resting, and recuperating raw.


Angel said...

Yum, that wrap looks good. I hope you're feeling better soon. Keep eating lots of raw foods - it's very healing. & thanks for following my blog. Cheers!

kevin georgina grayson simon said...

Angel, thank you for the well wishes. Looking forward to starting yoga and reading your blog when I am better.

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